At this moment
The sun burns bright
A cloud glows white
The air holds light
A bird makes flight

At this moment
The new blooms sing
The church bells ring
The trees lose doubt
The leaves reach out

At this moment
An old friend dies
A spirit flies
A doctor cries
A stream runs wise

Can you see the angels…inside the colours…that lead your spirit…back to wellness…

At this moment
The shock waves grow
The wise don’t know
The cruel winds blow
The torments show

At this moment
The systems crash
The heroes dash
The tempers break
Foundations shake

At this moment
The anxious peace
The suspect breeze
Infected space
We look for grace

Can you feel the presence…in the stillness…that brings your being…back to wholeness

At this moment
A lapwing calls
A dead branch falls
The lake lies deep
The old stones sleep

At this moment
The seagulls glide
The sky looks wide
A new life wakes
An old wound aches

At this moment
A fresh bud forms
The cold earth warms
A skylark strives
And hope arrives

At this moment
The perfumes drift
The evenings lift
The seasons shift
And life’s a gift

At this moment

Tom George 26.03.2020