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Nerve Magazine – Interview with local singer, songwriter and writer Tom George.


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(from my new book, which I will hopefully get out in time for my performance at Dumbells this Friday…)

Painting your nails, glossy and black

Little black dress with a low cut back

Swigging on vodka, filter tips

Pout for the mirror, your blood red lips

Smudge those eyes like a faraway tramp

Four inch heels, you’re a fishnet vamp

Out of the taxi – a diva no doubt

Paradise city – you better watch out

Sister midnight

It’s your song

Sister midnight

The game is on

Meet your girls at a metal-head hole

Jukebox blasting out sleaze rock’n’roll

Tattooed aliens are up for the craic

Slipknot and Sabbath with cider and black

Into the club throwing shapes at the night

Sipping JD under flashing red light

Shout the new gossip, jump to your song

And live in the moment all night long

Sister midnight


Sister midnight

And the crew

Another white line will give you a lift

All week long you’ve been working the night shift

8PM sharp and you’re there on the ward

A casualty nurse will never get bored

But you get no rest in the sterilised light

And things get wild in the heat of the night

All the attitude shit drives you round the bend

And you just keep thinking ‘bout next weekend

Next weekend

Next weekend

Next weekend

…In the dry ice delirium, bass overload

Where the simmering citizens go to explode

In the heat of the heavy, at the lift of the loud

I found a new face in the heart of the crowd

With candy floss hair just as sweet as it gets

And a tongue tasting grey like sin cigarettes

The pulse beat pumps and we do as we please

In a half light heaven she slips to her knees

Sister midnight, innit funny how we

Have to lose ourselves so just to get ourselves free

Hey, remember the night you went so overboard

Ended up on a trolley in your own ward

Sister midnight

The queen of the swingers

Sister midnight

How many fingers?

Well they put in a drip and they pumped you out

And some hours later you chuckled about

How folks call you angel, the Nightingale nurse

At the end of the day you’re no better no worse

Than the people outside tryna pay all the bills

But you’re dealing with shit that most never will

You patch ‘em back up and send ‘em back out

For another big bruising bothersome bout

With bludgeon reality – call it this life

The slam and the rush and the shock and the strife

The thrill of the chase and the glittering prize

The rush for the top and the risking your life

All the headlong people in a headrush town

They throw it all off when the sun goes down

And sister midnight

The wild one

Sister midnight

Clocks on

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