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New old song…!!

This is a pop/punk track that I’d completely forgotten about. I used to play it with a band called Mind of a Toy in about 2007..? It’s a decent recording and as I could use it on my upcoming album (might have to re-record the vocals though). I don’t play this kind of stuff much anymore….but I think this song is too good to languish in the shadows unheard…


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Last month me and my part-time minion Jodie Schofield went out onto the streets of Liverpool to do film a video for my song ‘Like a Wave’.

After half an hour of me playing in the street, a cop and a municipal whelk turned up and asked me for my name and address, as part of the local (and possibly national) War on Spontaneity. They also told me my guitar case was causing an obstruction (on a thirty foot wide pedestrianised street!!)

Despite their interest, I declined their offer to be my official stalkers and let them go on their way. Despite appearing on camera, they weren’t quite sexy enough to be included in our little film. However we did encounter our mate Alan Barton, and a busking trumpeter, who also made it into the film.


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